Site-Wide Advertising

The Westmorland Badminton League site-wide advertising option is ideal for sports shops / suppliers and larger businesses and sponsors. Westmorland Badminton League has a membership of 250+ dedicated badminton players, many of whom regularly visit the site for latest news and match results.

As its name implies this advertising is displayed throughout the website and is visible at all times. It is featured underneath the left menu and in the right-hand column (when available), with the order of advert display rotated to ensure that each takes a turn appearing first.


Costs start from just £50 per year, dependent on the size of the advert and whether or not you will be providing your own artwork or will require artwork creating. If you have a website, the advert can carry a link through to it.

Viewing Figures

Typically, badminton association website viewing figures regularly reach over 10,000 page views per month during the badminton season. Please ask if you would like the latest figures.

Give us a Call

To discuss your options, please contact Dave at BaddersWeb:

For cheaper (or additional) advertising, take a look at the Classifieds option.

Submission Rules

All adverts may be subject to scrutiny by the Westmorland Badminton League administration. Adverts containing controversial and / or illegal products and services will not be published and may be reported to the relevant authorities.


Advertising revenue from this site is used to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the BaddersWeb system as developed by EasierThan Website Design.


The adverts listed on this site are from third party individuals and companies and any take-up of said advertised products and services is done so at your own discretion.

Westmorland Badminton League and EasierThan Website Design accept no liability for matters arising from the purchase (or attempted purchase) of any of the products or services listed on this site.

Nor, by inclusion on this site, do Westmorland Badminton League or EasierThan Website Design endorse any of said products or services.